Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Morning News Roundup

Pointstreak has an iPhone app. (USHL has one too, USHLive, but now I can't find the link to it.)

Muskegon's Casey Thrush.

Lancers celebrate 25th season in Omaha.

Game recaps:

USHL preseason scoreboard.

Muskies blank Hawks.

Bucs edge Stamps.

2,552 watch Saints open Mystique Ice Center with loss to Riders.

Ice melts Jacks.

Phantoms split with USNTDP.

Musketeers rally to shoot down Hawks.


Anonymous said...

No mention of the Omaha-Lincoln game from Saturday night??

Anonymous said...

"No mention of the Omaha-Lincoln game from Saturday night??"

I guess not.

John Meissner said...

How many times are you going to post the same thing?

Here's how this all works:

My mail box is set up to receive articles from around the country that contain certain phrases pertaining to the USHL. I get a lot of stuff, but I don't get everything. And, with everything else I do in a typical day, I don't often have time to "chase things down."

If you know of something that should go on this blog, by all means, send me the link to it.

Making repeated anonymous comments is insulting and will go a lot further to insuring you won't get the information you seek, and will lead to the ultimate deletion of the comment section.

Ryan has taken A LOT of flak on this and other boards. It was all uncalled for? Me? I have much thinner skin than he does. I will NOT tolerate it.

Disagreements, if kept civil, are fine. "Shots," "backhanded observations," or any other negative comments will, from this point on, not be published and will, in short order, lead to the deletion of the comments section.

Again, if there is information that should be on this board, point me to it, and I'll get it posted. Just understand that I will not sit on my computer 24 hours a day just to dig up every thing possible.

Any questions?

Anonymous said...

"Any questions?"

Yes, why do you have to act like a child about this? I asked a simple question (once, not repeated) that you didn't answer. So I asked it again. How hard is it to respond to my initial question? No reason to get snippy now, John. Shows little class.

If you're going to have a meltdown like this over a single, simple question, maybe you should hand the reins to someone else before your head explodes.

Have a nice day.

John Meissner said...

Snippy? Me? As opposed to you, posting anonymously? I have the belief to stand behind what I write with my name, but you don't. That's okay, if that's what you want to do.

Act like a child? No reason to get snippy? Show some class? How is it that you can rip into someone like me, but when I respond in kind, I'm acting childish? That's just ridiculous. The street runs both ways here my friend.

Since I've taken over the majority of the posting duties, Ryan has been slammed, now I've been slammed. And it seems like those type of comments always come from anonymous commentors, doesn't it?

So, since that's the way some people, who chose to post anonymously and not stand behind their comments with a verifiable name/email address, anonymous comments will be closed.

Congratulations. Those who had legitimate questions, but choose to remain anonymous, have just lost their ability to post because of you.