Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Anonymous comments have been turned off

Apparently, some have forgotten the rule about posting that was clearly spelled out by Ryan, when he founded this blog. (BTW: It's still his blog. I'm just helping out.) For those who have forgotten, the one rule of this blog is as follows:

Please keep the comments on topic and contribute to the discussion(s) taking place. Comments that add nothing or just simply bash one thing or another will be removed.

As a result, anonymous comments have been turned off. THose with a google account are still welcome to leave comments. Just abide by the one and only rule of this blog and everything will not only be hunky, but also dorey.

Day. Have one. Good, that is.

1 comment:

hockeyfan said...

Bravo John!

This blog is so much better than it ever used to be.

Keep up the good work and keep it classy and not trashy!

Its hockey time!