Friday, July 2, 2010

Sioux City Musketeers Roster

Article for Sioux City's roster. Updated 25 man roster can be found here.

I am assuming the Musketeers have moved Josh Erickson, Ondrej Zehnal, Larry Smith, Jr., Blake Roubos, and Nicholas Weberg to their affiliate list.

Nick Gordon
Max McCormick
Maxim Gaudreault
Richard Young
Richard Zehnal
Will Suter
Ryan Carpenter
Tom Olczyk
Matt Paape
Mike Williams
Noah Nelson
Brett Patterson
Caleb Herbert
Max Gaede

Kevin Gibson
Jake Suter
Dylan MacDonald
Will Butcher
Jordan Schmaltz
Greg Johnson
Jose Delgadillo
Brandon Lubin

Matt Skoff
Jake Hildebrand
Steve Perry

Notable Omissions:
Mitch Zion - Veteran
Shawn Pauly - Draft Pick
Max Novak - Draft Pick
Ben Greiner - Draft Pick
Tim O'Brien - Draft Pick
Cliff Watson - Draft Pick
Dan Scherer - Draft Pick
Jake Doty - Draft Pick

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