Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More post-draft news

Here's what's happening....


Pair of first round picks on Tuesday's NHL Live! starting at Noon ET on NHL Network, XM Radio and NHL.com.


Former Gambler, future Force players go in NHL draft.


Anonymous said...


Finally good clean information and no bias by Ryan info on this blog.

Hal Fargo

Anonymous said...

John.... thought you left us when you changed jobs.....good to have U back and for making this a nice blogspot again. I agree with prior poster that it is refreshing to have a good positive blog on USHL Hockey. The crap of prior recent years forced me to quit visting this blogspot.

Thanks for good work keeping the devil out of the posts.


Bob F

Bloomington, MN USA :)

John Meissner said...

Nah, can't get rid of me that easily! :-)

Don't forget folks, Ryan did start this blog and put a lot of time and effort into it. Please don't forget that everybody.

I may be living in Florida, but I'll always follow the USHL.