Thursday, April 16, 2009

USHL appears close to deal with Chevy Centre

It sounds like the USHL and Youngstown are very close to finalizing a deal for the USHL to open up shop in Ohio for next season. Likely owner, Bruce Zoldan, seems excited about bringing Tier I hockey to Youngstown.

“The city and [Zoldan] have reached a preliminary understanding and are moving forward,” Prince said today.

“Protocol” calls for the announcement of a deal to wait until the Phantoms’ season is finished, Zoldan and Prince said. If the Phantoms keep on winning, the team’s season could end as late as May 3.

That’s probably too long to wait to make an announcement of a final deal, Prince said.

Zoldan said Thursday that he hopes a deal can be finalized and announced in the next five to eight business days.

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