Friday, April 3, 2009

Stampede Unhappy with Playoff Schedule

The #4 seed Sioux Falls Stampede is unhappy about the playoff scheduling.

First off, the Stampede announce the schedule.

Stampede CEO, Gary Weckworth, is apparently extremely unhappy about the scheduling.

"There's a reason they stretch the first round out over two weeks," Weckwerth told the Argus Leader on Wednesday. "The intent is that everyone should have an equal opportunity to host weekend dates to allow everyone to generate as much revenue as possible. I challenged Lincoln to be 'league guys' and do right by all the teams, but they just care about Lincoln. We always have problems with them, and I'm tired of it. It's disappointing."

I think a couple years back, Lincoln had helped SF out and gave them game 1, even though the Stars were the higher seed. Lincoln ended up losing that series, so I don't blame them one bit for not wanting to budge. If they had, it could very well have given SF the advantage that Lincoln played so hard for. I am glad the league sided with Lincoln here, as the 1-1-1-1-1 format just doesn't seem like it would work very well. If Sioux Falls and Lincoln was about an hour apart, it might make more sense, but they're not. Lincoln can't help that the Stampede have to compete with other entities for dates at their arena. They had been nice to SF previously, and it backfired.

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