Sunday, April 5, 2009

Anderson Cup Race

This has been an exciting race to crown the Anderson Cup champion for this season. It turned into a four team battle between Cedar Rapids, Green Bay, Indiana, and Lincoln. After tonight, Lincoln and Indiana have been eliminated and Cedar Rapids and Green Bay are left. The Gamblers control their own destiny, as they and Des Moines have a game remaining tomorrow, while Cedar Rapids is done. Des Moines only suited up 13 skaters tonight, so it will likely take some sort of miracle for the Buccaneers to upset the Gamblers. Also on the line is home ice for the entire playoffs, and it looks like home ice would help the Gamblers much more than the Riders. The Riders are an outstanding 18-8-4 away from the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena, while the Gamblers are 16-12-2. Very good, but still not Cedar Rapids-like.

Cedar Rapids could be hoping for a Gamblers OT loss so they would have a share of the Cup. Last time there was a share of Andy, the Riders went on to win the Clark Cup as well.

Here is a rundown of playoff matchups:

1 - Green Bay vs 4 - Waterloo
2 - Cedar Rapids vs 3 - Indiana


1 - Cedar Rapids vs 4 - Waterloo (How great would that be?)
2 - Green Bay vs 3 - Indiana

What we know? Indiana is locked in as the 3rd seed and Waterloo the 4th.
What we don't? Who will be the 1st and 2nd seeds.

1 - Lincoln vs 4 - Sioux Falls
2 - Omaha vs 3 - Fargo

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