Thursday, February 5, 2009

Omaha will be Omaha again

The Omaha Lancers of Council Bluffs will be moving back across the river to the Civic Auditorium in downtown Omaha. This move will make them be the Omaha Lancers and they will actually be IN Omaha.

I love this move. The Civic is a great, great venue for hockey. The fans will love it and the team will love it. The MAC is a nice place, but it's just too bland and has zero atmosphere. I'm not even a Lancer fan and I'm excited about next season already. I think the Civic could possibly rival the atmosphere in Lincoln, which may be the best in the league. A word of advice for anyone who would make the trip, get there early because there aren't a whole lot of parking spots are free.

Here is a link to the article.

Also, this was really cool and I think this would be a big hit for the league.

One possibility is what Robert calls the Nebraska Winter Classic, which would pit the Lancers against the Lincoln Stars for an outdoor winter hockey game in the new Omaha downtown baseball stadium each February. The yearly game would be modeled after the National Hockey League's successful Winter Classic games held the last two years on New Years Day.

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