Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lancers future in Council Bluffs cloudy?

This is interesting. There have been rumors floating around about a possible new arena in Omaha for the Lancers, so this may just add fuel to the fire. It seems the Lancers lost a lot of fans when they moved to Council Bluffs, so a move back to Omaha may make sense for the team. With the city having to build a brand new baseball stadium downtown and possibly another baseball stadium in Sarpy county, it seems like a longshot that there will be a new hockey arena, at least in the near future.

The agreement — currently in the fourth of 10 years — will now expire at
the end of the season as the two sides work on a new lease agreement for future

Attendance figures for the 2007-08 season show that the Lancers' average
crowd of 2,968 ranked fifth in the 12-team USHL. Welch said the team said it
would need an average attendance of 3,600 to break even.

The Lancers are owned by the American Hockey Group LLC, part of which
includes former NHL great Mario Lemieux. If an agreement is not reached by Nov.
15, the two sides have no obligation to continue with negotiations.

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