Monday, April 21, 2008

Urban Plains Center Vandalism

Thanks to gbpuckfan for this article.

Truly unfortunate that this happened, but hopefully they can get things back on track and still be done within a reasonable time.

Vandals started up a huge crane on the floor, raised the boom and bent a beam supporting the roof.

Construction site manager Trevor Speidel said the vandals also used the crane to smash a concrete block, shattered windows and threw equipment off the roof of the Urban Plains center, punching a hole in the concrete below.

The vandalism likely happened late Sunday night or early Monday, Speidel said.

“They didn’t understand the controls (of the crane),” Speidel said. “If that crane would have been a little bit farther back, they would have tore that whole beam down.”

It could have created a domino effect, “and you’d probably have lost half the building,” Speidel said.

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