Friday, April 4, 2008

Not Good

This is really a black eye for the Ice organization. I guess one can only hope they can learn from this huge mistake. Something like this, I feel should warrant these two to be scratched for the remainder of the season. It will probably be an extremely difficult decision for Ice coaches, though I don't think it should be.

Here is another article, courtesy of WISH TV. It also includes video. There is a link located above their mug shots.

Article courtesy of the Indy Star Newspaper.

Police this week arrested two members of the Indiana Ice hockey team who allegedly tried to steal nearly $500 in designer clothing from the Von Maur store on the Northeastside.

Gregory Squires, 19, White Plains, N.Y., and Timothy Syner, 19, Springfield, Mass., were arrested on theft charges after store security spotted them trying to steal clothing from the store in Castleton Square Mall at about 3 p.m. Tuesday, according to a police report.

Both men entered a dressing room and attempted to conceal clothing under the items they were wearing, police said. Store security stopped both as they tried to exit the store without paying for the items, police said.

Squires allegedly tried to steal a pair of Diesel jeans valued at $190; Syner allegedly tried to steal a Burberry shirt and Burberry shorts valued at $290, police said.

Squires and Syner are listed as forwards with Indiana Ice on the team's Website. The Ice are currently in first place with two games remaining in the East Division of the United States Hockey League.

Officials with the team could not immediately be reached for comment this morning.

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Anonymous said...

Honestly I think They Deserve to be kicked off the team .
I mean look at Tri-City .. They have had to deal with this crap earlier this year and they deserve the same punishment as Peltoma.