Sunday, March 30, 2008

Player Spotlight: T.J. Syner

Just a heads up, I will be on a short vacation and will be back sometime Tuesday. So there won't be any blog posts for a couple of days.

Sioux City has scheduled a press conference for Monday.

Name: T.J. Syner
Current Team: Indiana Ice
Position: Forward
Hometown: Springfield, Massachusetts
Date of Birth: October 13, 1988
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Stats: 21 goals, 14 assists
Previous Team: Jr. Falcons (EJHL)
College: University of Massachusetts (2008)

Ryan: What is your favorite and least favorite arena (outside of your own) to play in and why?

T.J. Syner: My favorite rink to play in would have to be Waterloo's. The wide ice surface really opens up the game and the fans there are crazy. My least favorite is Sioux Falls rink. The small rink is tough for forwards to get around especially when the D are as good as they are in this league.

Ryan: Describe your USHL experience so far.

TS: My USHL experience this year has been unreal. The level of hockey combined with the fan support is something I'll never forget. Everyone in the league is a good player and there is so much depth which makes every game a challenge.

Ryan: What is it like playing for coach Skjodt?

TS: Playing for Coach Skjodt has been a great experience this year. He's a smart coach that really knows what he is doing because he has played at such a high level himself. I have learned a lot of little things from him just this year that will definitely help me in college for the next four years.

Ryan: Describe the transition from the EJHL to the USHL.

TS: The transition from the EJHL to the USHL was a little difficult at first. The game seemed a lot faster and took some time to adjust to. Like I said, every game has been a challenge because the league is so strong, has so much depth, and so many skilled players.

Ryan: How do the fans differ from the EJHL to the USHL?

TS: The fans from the EJHL and the USHL are a lot different. While the EJHL is still a strong league, it doesn't draw nearly as many fans. The USHL has so many great fans and so much support from them. I know in Indy, we have so many dedicated fans that really give the Ice a lot of time and effort.

Ryan: What made Massachusetts the right school for you?

TS: Massachusetts was the right school for me for a lot of reasons. It was close to home, and the coaches there are awesome. It's a first class program and the academics are just as strong as the hockey program. They showed a lot of interest, and they treat their players really well.

Thanks to T.J. for taking the time to help out.


Anonymous said...

he is sooo fast but he kind of looks like a rectangle when he is on the ice. still fast tho

ICE4Life said...

Syner is a great player. We love having him here in Indiana. His speed and box-like features make him a jagged threat in the offensive zone.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how fast he is, and how much he looks like a little box out there on the ice.

Anonymous said...

some say he is to fast for the puck..i just say hes a very boxy little boy

Anonymous said...

Syner is a dream in that his skating stride is perfect (or about as close as you can get). He's a short player, yet he relies on power and keeps a low center of gravity. So many people think that moving your feet at 1000 rpms shows your fast, but it's merely inefficiency in skating. What Syner helps prove is that smaller players, even when they are young, have no excuse for not skating with proper and maximally efficient form. Great work T.J. and great work to whomever has helped him developed that skating ability and leg strength.

IndyMom said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Too bad his speed couldn't get him away from the mall cops.

Anonymous said...

Ryan: What is your favorite and least favorite arena (outside of your own) to play in and why?
TJ:My favorite arena is the ones with the closest mall and NO CAMERAS
Describe your USHL experience so far.
TJ:The shopping has been great Beers cold I just cant find my size in some of the malls because I am such a shrimp.Team gives you free stuff so thats good
Q:Describe the transition from the EJHL to the USHL.
TJ:It has been kind of easy in Boston where I come from There are cops everywhere and cameras in every store so Its been great
RyanQ: What made Massachusetts the right school for you?
TJ First of all There are no cameras on campus and the coaches love my talents and they told me im great