Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Player Spotlight: Josh Myers

Next up is Indiana's Brent Gwidt.

Name: Josh Myers
Current Team: Lincoln Stars
Position: Forward
Home Town: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Date of Birth: April 26, 1990
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Stats: 3 goals, 2 assists
Previous Team: Pikes Peak Miners
College: None

Ryan: What is your favorite (outside of your own) to play in and why?

Josh Myers: Of course Lincoln is my favorite rink. I watched CC play as a kid from age 4 to 16 and this crowd is par with the 7000 or so CC packs in. Outside of the Ice Box Tri-City beacuse it was the first USHL rink I had ever walked into.

Ryan: Describe your USHL experience so far.

JM: Unforgetable because you learn so much from the experience. I love the quality of players and the fantastic crowds. It's a very fast game here and if you don't play both ends of the ice you're toast.

Ryan: What is the best part about playing for the Stars?

JM: The fans because we have close to a sold out barn every night and they are so dedicated no matter how we are doing. They know the game and are fun to play in front of. It's nice to go out places and be recognized and asked about the games.

Ryan: What player would you say you try to model your game around and why?

JM: Jason Gregoire because he is such a great leader a great role model on and off the ice. He kind of personifies our team.

Ryan: How did you get started playing hockey?

JM: My parents had gone to a few Colorado College games and had thought they would have me try. They put me on the ice when I was 4. I always seemed much faster than other kids and speed has always come easy for me. I've missed 1 game in the past 12 years due to a sore ankle! I love this game!

Thanks Josh for taking some time to answer these.

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