Friday, March 14, 2008

Player Spotlight: Brent Gwidt

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Name: Brent Gwidt
Current Team: Indiana Ice
Position: Forward
Home Town: Minocqua, Wisconsin
Date of Birth: February 20, 1988
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 203 lbs.
Stats: 8 goals, 11 assists
Previous Team: Team Wisconsin
College: University of Nebraska-Omaha (2008)

Ryan: What is your favorite and least favorite arena (outside of your own) to play in and why?

Brent Gwidt: My favorite arena to play in would have to be Linocln. The atmosphere there is unreal. Regardless if you are the home team or the away team, all the noise gets you pretty pumped. My least favorite arena to play in would have to be Sioux Falls because it is such a small ice surface, and being on Indiana where we have the biggest sheet in the leage it is a pretty big adjustment when we go to Sioux Falls to play.

Ryan: What made you decide Nebraska-Omaha was right for you?

BG: The coaches at Nebraska-Omaha were great. I really liked how they showed a lot of interest in me. That means they really want me to be a part of their program. Also I have a couple of former and current teammates that play/will be playing there and they had nothing but great things to say about UNO. Im really excited to be a part of a team that has a good future ahead of them.

Ryan: Describe your USHL experience so far.

BG: My USHL experience so far is unexplainable. To be able to play in the best junior leage in America means alot. The talent in the league is phenomenal. Every game is a battle. I have enjoyed every day of my junior career and I'm sure i will miss it very much next year.

Ryan: What has been your best memory in the USHL so far?

BG: My best memory so for would definitely have to be our playoff run last year. Going into playoffs Indiana was such an underdog, because we hit a pretty big rough patch at the end of the season. Then we went on a 6-0 run after the first two rounds into the Final Four. We ended up getting beat by a very good Sioux Falls team that ended up winning the Clark Cup. It was a pretty good way to end our season.

Ryan: How has your role changed now that you’re a 2nd year guy?

BG: My role this year is much different than last years. I play a big role on our penalty kill which is very strong this year. Also I am one of the assistant captains this year, so being a leader on and off the ice is very important if you have a letter on your jersey.

Thanks Brent for taking time to help out.


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a hay brent is da man!!!!!!! Hell yahh

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indiana ice are best team in the league... they CAN be beaten! -lil' party boy

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