Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wausau Update

Thanks to GB Puck Fan for the email. Link to story here.

Another story about the new proposed arena.

Hockey Facility Plans in Rothschild
ROTHSCHILD -- Area hockey players might soon have a new place to practice. Plans for a new ice-arena in Rothschild are almost done.

Cole Halligan hopes for a much bigger place to play hockey in than his basement in Rothschild.

Halligan says, "Hockey is life I guess."

And the Village Board is one step closer to approving plans for a facility that would give him exactly what he wants. They're working out some kinks to build a 4,000-seat arena in the Cedar Creek area. It may even host a semi-pro team.

Neal C. Torney, Rothschild Village President, says, "Have never played hockey but never the less I know that there's an awful lot of people in this area that do. There's quite a following and I think you'd see a lot of support for that type of a facility and certainly a semi-pro team in this area."

And an ice hockey fan like Halligan certainly agrees.

Halligan says, "I think the passion in hockey for the city is growing a lot so I think the new rink will even increase it a lot more."

The facility would include a large ice arena and several smaller ones, as well as a state of the art sound system to draw some big performers. And although the Village President says most board members are tentatively for the plan, he says they're still being cautious.

Torney says, "We want to make sure that not only do we have a quality investment but that it's going to be self-supporting and that the Village taxpayers don't end up with the short end of the stick on a project like this."

If approved, builders say construction could could begin as early as next Spring.


Anonymous said...

it's obvious they haven't figured everything out... and that the USHL isn't semipro. And, hopefully they break ground before spring 09...


Scotty O said...

Here's another story. I live in Wausau and am already getting calls from friends and colleagues about this great news. Wausau is ready!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait until it opens, Great for GB to have a rival and nice to have a closer road game to travel too.

GO Gamblers and FIRE MAZZ!!!!

Ryan said...

Thanks for the link scotty o.