Thursday, February 7, 2008

Trade Deadline News and Notes

Unknown DiGirolamo turns into two-time all-star.

Cold, snow fails to cool off All-Star Game.

Hayes set to join Stars.

Leafs looking for help overseas.

Trade Deadline News:

Cedar Rapids:
No moves.

Activated Dan Otto from IR.
Released Dan Otto.
Added Alex Simonson to roster.

Des Moines:
Released Kevin Quick.
Activated Brett Bruneteau from IR.
Traded Locke Jillson to Indiana.

Green Bay:
No moves.

Traded Ryan Scott to Omaha.
Affiliated Alex Handy.
Affiliated Brian Harrison.
Activated Matt Smith from IR.
Acquired Locke Jillson from Des Moines.

Added Jimmy Hayes.
Traded Kyle Delaurell to Wichita Falls (NAHL).

Traded Mike Henderson to Wichita Falls (NAHL).
Traded Mac Watts to Sioux City.
Added Tommy Cross.

Acquired Ryan Scott from Indiana.
Traded Donnie Harris to Bismarck (NAHL).

Sioux City:
Acquired Mac Watts from Ohio.
Traded Ricky Doriott to North Iowa (NAHL).

Sioux Falls:
No moves.

Acquired Anthony Schooley from Waterloo.
Released Jordan VanGilder.

Activated Anthony Schooley from IR.
Traded Anthony Schooley to Tri-City.


Anonymous said...

In their first game with the Wichita Falls Wildcats, both Kyle DeLaurell and Mike Henderson made a great showing.
Kyle had 2 goals and one assist and was the first star of the game.
Mike had 2 goals and was the third star of the game.

Give these guys some real ice time and they prove what great players they are!

Anonymous said...

Trynot to be too early to toot your horns on the two boys traded. I wouldn't doubt they are decient but they played against the very last team in the league. Also they were on lines with some of the better kids on the team who play as a team and can pass the puck. didn't do much tonight thou against the same team so only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching Kyle play since he was a kid, so I KNOW he's a great player given the chance.