Wednesday, February 13, 2008

News and Notes

Riders sweep way out of funk.

Goalie Reekie puts Stars in spotlight.

Why Choose the NCAA Route?

Black Hawks look to pay it forward.

Ferguson, Brand honored with distinguished service award.

Petrecki earns his wings.

Putting on a clinic.

Mike Radja named INCH's player of the week.

CCHA profiles Jeff Lerg.

Line switch helps Cole.


Anonymous said...

re: the David Reekie article

This is great for a great young man. But does this shed info again, that the CHL>USHL, another CHL castoff does well in the USHL.

Sieveman said...

Wasn't Reekie the odd man out when it came to Overagers (OA) at deadline for the WHL team he was on?

Anonymous said...

Reekie, was a OVERAGER yeah, but they tried to trade him to another team...but he came down with Mono for a 2 month period...and cleared WHL waivers, which opened it up to the other two CHL leagues...and the Spitfires of the OHL picked him up, but before he reported there, they traded for another goalie...who was obviously younger....

so he went home, and then Lincoln called him to come tryout