Monday, January 7, 2008

News and Notes

Nate Schmidt, a Fargo futures pick, has committed to Minnesota.

Chris Heisenberg reports that Des Moines defenseman, J.P. Maley, has committed to Northeastern for next fall.

Time for Stastny to man up.

The chains are off Rafalski.

Okposo assigned to Bridgeport.

Connolly brothers set to face off in USHL.

UNO's Koehler is taking big shots.

The USHL also announced the All-Star game rosters will be announced this week. And with that, I will give more predictions and see how I stand from my early season predictions.

Also, I have been toying with an idea of having a fan from each USHL team do a write up for their respective team for the blog. The entries would be posted each Monday. The article could include match-ups that week, perhaps a preview of the match-ups, any news about the team/players, and any other interesting facts. I'd really like for each team to have a representative and for this to be a big hit. If you're interested, please email me at


Anonymous said...

Just remember, it's not really an all-star roster... it's also prospects - so it's who the scouts want to see. And they'll have to pick someone from GB with the game there, despite the record.


Anonymous said...

here's my stab at the rosters
Brady Hjelle- CR
Rob Madore- Chicago
Blake Kessel- Waterloo
Matt Tomassoni- CR
Will Weber- Chicago
Tim Buttery- Chicago
John Carlson- Indiana
Ben Blood- Indiana
Billy Maday- Waterloo
Nick Larson- Waterloo
Brock Montpetit- Waterloo
Tim Hall- Ohio
John Kemp- Indiana
Greg Squires- Indiana
Paul Carey- Indiana
CJ Lee- Green Bay
Brian O'Neill- Chicago
Drew LeBlanc- Chicago
Tyler Thompson- CR
Mike Seidel- CR
Josh Robinson- SC
Drew Palmisano- Omaha
Matt Bartkowski- Lincoln
Eric Springer- SF
Seth Helgeson- SC
Brandon Martell- Tri City
Jake Newton- Lincoln
INJ.***Patrick Wiercioch Replaced Matt Crandell- SC
Taylor Matson- Des Moines
Ryan Kretzer- Lincoln
Jason Gregoire- Lincoln
Jared Festler- Lincoln
Barry Almeida- Omaha
Andrew Conboy- Omaha
Chris Connolly- Omaha
Steve Quailer- SC
Jack Connolly- SF
Jake Hanson- SF
Nick Dineen- SF
Mike Cichy- Tri City
*Just for fun. I really had a hard time with the defense for the west. but again this is just for fun. anybody else wanna take a crack at it?

Anonymous said...

Okposo assigned to Bridgeport.