Thursday, January 3, 2008

Farewell Andy Miele

Chicago will have a huge hole to fill next time they skate out onto the ice. That hole? Andy Miele. Miele will begin his collegiate career at Miami of Ohio this month, and played his final game for Chicago on Monday in Columbus, Ohio.

There were questions about which direction Miele would go, as the rumor was he wasn't able to get into college. The OHL's Plymouth Whalers sounded interested in his services, but Miele was finally college eligible, but not until January of 08.

It sounded like Miele was really considering Plymouth, but getting through clearinghouse changed that and he should be a huge asset for the Redhawks down the stretch.

Andy had been on a goal scoring pace that would have put him at 69 goals, breaking the league record by former Sioux City Musketeer, Rod Taylor, who had 67 goals in 48 games.

Big blow for Chicago, but a huge gain for Miami and it should help Miele's hockey career progress.


Mr Ricochet said...

Indeed a huge blow to the Steel and their fans. It was great watching this gritty and skilled kid play and he will be missed.

Best of luck to Andy at Miami!!!

iowaninja said...

Andy is a great kid and a great talent, hope he can get through school alright.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck of Andy Miele. I have watched this kid at Cedar Rapids and Chicago and always wished we was playing for the Lancers.

I remeber watching him in the Buc Bowl when he played for CR, and thought he was the best player of the ice. Miami certainly becomes a major contender in the CCHA and NCAA with the addition of Miele.

Best of Luck

Wahoo, NE

Ryan said...

I hear ya Tom. Andy tried out for Sioux City a few summers ago and really stood out, but didn't make the final cut.

Anonymous said...

Do you guys know anything about why he was not eligible until Jan 2008? We are certainly glad to have Andy in a RedHawk uniform, although it is unlikely he will be joining the #1 team in the country's active roster until next season.

Ryan said...

he had clearinghouse issues I believe and possible low test scores.

Anonymous said...

Andy will play his last games 2 games with the Chicago Steel this weekend Friday and Saturday (1/4&5), and then head for Miami-O.

John Meissner said...

Wouldn't it be smarter, that if M of O didn't plan to play him the remainder of this season, to leave him in Chicago, where he would play a lot of minutes? It makes little sense to me, for the leading scorer in the USHL to watch from the stands. I would be greatly surprised if he isn't in the M of O lineup by the end of January.