Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wednesday Game Recaps

Indiana blasted Ohio.

Sioux Falls upset Lincoln.

My Three Stars:
1. Max Strang (SF) - 27 saves for the shutout.
2. William MacDonald (IND) - 2 goals, including the game winner.
3. Stepan Novotny (IND) - 2 goals, including his first career USHL goal.


Anonymous said...

darling had a hell of a night too. 39 saves

Mr Ricochet said...

Nice win as the Ice just keep rolling at home. Ohio out shooting the Ice is another sign that they are playing better hockey. Coming into this game they had earned 6 of their 13 points their last 4 games. Ohio faced a tough place to win and a good goalie as well..

Now the Ice play a home and home vs the Steel, who have not lost in regulation in nine games. Some good hockey ahead.

Anonymous said...

"Stampede upset Lincoln"

How is that an upset? Sioux Falls has better numbers in every category except PIM.

Ryan said...

I figured someone would ask. There are more meanings to upset than that one.

Hope this helps...

9. the defeat of a person, team, etc.,

Anonymous said...

If I were connected to the Ohio program, I would be proud of the kids. They just never quit. Indy got goals yes, but they did not dominate the game.

Anonymous said...

"If I were connected to the Ohio program, I would be proud of the kids"

kids yes..organization hell no