Sunday, December 16, 2007

News and Notes

Luca Cunti appears to be headed to Chicago.

USHL Q & A with Alex Hudson. Next up is Cedar Rapids' Doug Jones.

Storm Affiliate Player Headed To Division I.

Pittsburgh re-assigns Jensen to Wheeling.

From Juniors To Freshmen.

Ellis wants to grow old in NHL.

Storm home, Jensen not so much.

Henry giving Lincoln a physical force.

Palmisano keeps Lancers afloat.

Port Huron signs Markham.


Anonymous said...

why would cunti play in the ushl if he wasnt going to college? wouldnt he play pro in europe like he had been? it all doesnt make sense to me.

Section A Crazy said...

I would guess since there is still a chance (although based in previous history it's a very tiny chance) he wants to keep the college option open. Without knowing anything about the kid or the situation, I would assume that when the NCAA quits yanking his chain & tells him he can't play then he'll go back home or play Major Jr.