Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Score Prediction League?

I have asked the leader over at DropYourGloves.com if he could set up a score prediction league for the USHL. He said if I can get at least 5 regulars, he would set it up. Now I know that I should be able to get way more than 5. If you'd be interested, please leave a comment letting me know.

This is how it works. You get a set amount of predictions to make, and you can make predictions until you use them all up. There are different levels of predictions you can make. The picture below should help illustrate this.

Next, You get bonuses for high scores and blowout games that you predicted.

You accumulate points throughout the season and after the season, you see who sits at the top.

It's just for fun and you're playing for bragging rights. I know there are people out there who would enjoy this, so let me know and hopefully I can get it set up!


Sieveman said...

Ryan count me in. Not 100% sure how this scoring thing works, but I will give the tires a kick and check under the hood and take for a test drive.

Anonymous said...

me too


Anonymous said...

Same here .

iowaninja said...

I'll try it out

Anonymous said...

Ryan, so how do we do it? I look at the main screen and am lost??

Register, then what?

Ryan said...

it isn't set up quite yet, I wanted to make sure there was enough interest before I gave the go ahead to get it going.

When it is set up, on the right hand side you will see "Prediction Leagues:" in bold. Then you will see "Fight" and "Score" You will want to click on "Score" and scroll down past the OHL standings and you should be able to see the USHL prediction league (when it is set up) and there should be a link to join that score prediction league.

Ryan said...

and then once it is set up, there will be a link you can click on for "Upcoming Game Schedule" Then you will see the games and "Predictions" to the right of each game. You will click that and a page will come up to predict the score. You put the score in and then "Submit" or if you want to try and earn more points, you can go with "Sure Thing" or "Desperado" predictions. This will all become much clearer once you can get on there and do it yourself.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun. Ill try it


Fire Maz

Anonymous said...

I'm in.


Ryan said...

The prediction league is set up on the dropyourgloves.com, so if you're interested, head over there and register (if you have not already) and follow the instructions I posted above.

Hopefully we can get a good turnout!

Sieveman said...

OK, I think I have this thing figured out. I am signed up. It shall be interesting to see how close everyone is in this game.

I think the winner should get a kiss from Ryan.

Anonymous said...

Steveman, we are NOT doing that again! lol