Monday, November 26, 2007

News and Notes

Gregg Drinnan mentions that Lincoln has added another goalie. His stats.

Lasch and Roe still hungry for more.

Almeida weary, but not rusty.

Matt Carle inks extension with San Jose.

Manchester's Purcell a free agent find.

Prosser asserting himself in return to CC hockey team.

Ziegelmann goes home one last time.


Yeti said...

Not confirmed, but it looks like Hopper is the odd man out in Lincoln. Stars will keep the rookie Murdock.

Anonymous said...

if im not wrong...i think murdock and hopper are both going to college next year....right Ryan???

i'd like to be able to bring a goaltender in that is solid for 2 yearish...

Ryan said...

Murdock is a 09 recruit for Minnesota-State.