Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I thought this was a great thing and I'd blog about it.

Mike Dalhuisen, a Lincoln Stars defenseman, has created these LIVEHOCKEY bracelets to raise money for his mother and leukemia. His mother, Romy, is currently battling leukemia. This is her second battle with leukemia in the past two years.

Mike is selling them for $2 apiece, though the bracelets aren't due in until around Christmas time. If you are interested in purchasing a bracelet in support of Mike's mom and leukemia, you can contact myself, as I will have bracelets at some point so I can help sell them.

Update: I have been asked to go ahead and start taking orders and money, so if you're interested, please contact me. If there are enough people who would like a certain color, Mike said he would be able to get whichever color and sell those as well. Black is the first color he will be getting in.

I have setup a donations area on paypal if you'd like to just donate that way. There is a "Donate" button located to the right and it's all done with paypal. All money collected will be given to the Dalhuisen family to help during this tough time. Just so no one is confused, the "Donate" button is just for general donations. To purchase a bracelet, you need to be in contact with someone who is able to sell them.


Anonymous said...

Make sure to have some at games that you attend. If taking orders, I'll see you at some Sioux City games, we're good for a few. See you in section 114.

Anonymous said...

Also just wanted to point out that I spoke to Mike last night and he said that he can get them in GREEN for the Musketeers fans as well. I will speak to some of the Booster Club members and see if they would be willing to sell as well. He asked if I would be willing to help promote and sell them as well so if you have any questions or donate, please email Ryan or Mike. I am also working with Ryan on helping promote the bracelets so feel free to ask either myself or him at the Muskies games if anyone has questions. My email address is and you can locate me standing with Ryan in 114.

This guy is a class act, he is an amazing person who is doing this to help out his mother, family and cancer. He should be applauded for what this young man is doing.

Anonymous said...

yes, it is great to hear great stories like this. I hope it is a huge financial victory for them.

Ryan said...

If you're interested in purchasing a bracelet or bracelets, please get in contact with myself or Keri ASAP. If you would like a certain color, please specify that as well and hopefully Mike can get them in different colors for the different USHL teams.

Anonymous said...

We're getting a great response this. Please continue to do what you guys are doing and send us your orders and donations!!!

THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased or donated!!