Wednesday, October 17, 2007

USHL Tournament Logo Part 2

Cedar Rapids-1203 vs Waterloo-2157
Chicago-170 vs Tri-City-354
Des Moines-360 vs Sioux Falls-178
Green Bay-258 vs Sioux City-391
Indiana-304 vs Omaha-302
Lincoln-340 vs Ohio-212

Second Round:

WA vs TC
DM vs SC
IN vs LI

Consolation Bracket:

CR vs CH
SF vs GB
OM vs OH

Second Round/Consolation polls end October 20th at 10:30 pm CST.


Anonymous said...

Appears your results have been fixed. Would be more accurate if you would only let a person vote once.

Anonymous said...

you probably could have asked someone from SF to bring you a clark cup puck, instead of going through ebay and paying shipping!!

Ryan said...

I didn't know if they had them, so I bid on it. I didn't bid on the other SF puck because I was sure they had one of those up there for me when I made a trip :)

Jamie said...

I demand a recount we got screwed!!!!

Ryan said...

blame Mazz! :)

Sieveman said...

Here is something useless to add to this blog ... 1/2 of the match-ups tonight on the ice (October 19th) are the same as the match-up for the 2nd round.

Des Moines/Sioux City
Green Bay/Sioux Falls

Now don't you feel stupid for reading this babble. Ha