Saturday, October 13, 2007

USHL Logo Tournament

I found a neat idea on this blog of NHL Logos. I thought it'd be fun to see what logo USHL fans thought was the best. I took the first team in alphabetical order and the last team in that order and had them face off. The polls will show up below this entry.

The matchups will be:

Cedar Rapids vs Waterloo
Chicago vs Tri-City
Des Moines vs Sioux Falls
Green Bay vs Sioux City
Indiana vs Omaha
Lincoln vs Ohio

Second Round:


Third Round:

Top 3 will advance and there will be a poll with 3 options. The top 2 out of those will advance to the final.

You are able to vote once per poll, so make sure it's the right choice. If this goes well, I may do a pool of old logos and defunct logos together.

All polls close on October 16th at 11:59 pm EST.

One last thing, don't forget to check out the NHL logos blog and cast some votes over there.


Puckster said...

Any idea what happened in the Ohio/Indiana game last night?

I pointstreaked the end watching the shootout. It clearly said McLean scored for Ohio, then said that Beaudette missed for Indiana. Then it said Ohio won the game 6-5 unofficially, and the shootout 3-2.

Today it says Indiana won 6-5, and the shootout 3-2. It says McLean missed, and the next round Indiana scored.

Did they do it wrong at the arena?

Ryan said...

my guess is it was just a mistake on Indy's pointstreak person's part.

Puckster said...

Bummer, thanks. I guess people are allowed mistakes every so often.

Anonymous said...

Right again Ryan!

Pointstreak error. At least they fixed it.