Monday, September 3, 2007

Hooray, An Update!

WCHA Blog reports that Luca Cunti appears to be headed to Chicago this season before heading to St. Cloud State.

Tough Llewellyn returns to Michigan for college hockey.

Chad Billins makes the jump from Alpena to Waterloo.

Nick Tuzzolino (Lincoln) has signed with the Flint Generals of the IHL.

Sno King Hockey Blog wants to know...What is the USHL?

as iowaninja mentioned in the comments section of my previous entry, Pointstreak has a majority of USHL rosters up. The protected lists on the right hand side of the blog are updated to the best of my knowledge.


Puckster said...

Great Article on Tristan! Hopefully he and the other USHL stars will do well in Michigan.

Anonymous said...

You should redo your 2008 team previews based on current protected lists.

Anonymous said...

I notice on the protected rosters you have, Mark Anthoine of the Chicago Steel is committed to Maine not Yale.

Anonymous said...

FYI....Omaha and Indiana had an exhibition game today in preperation for their games in Quebec.

Final Score:

Omaha 5 - Indy 2

Omaha goals: Nico Sacchetti(2)Matt White, Chris Connolly and Matt Thurber.

Indy goals:

Ryan said...

Anon 8:23..thanks, fixed now. Not sure why, but sometimes when I copy and paste some info gets mixed up.

Anon 4:10..just mentioned that in my latest entry, thanks!