Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Des Moines vs Cedar Rapids Recap

From what I have gathered, Cedar Rapids won 4-3 in a shootout over Des Moines. Cedar Rapids has a little write up about the game.

Brady Hjelle played goal all game for Cedar Rapids, while Fredrik Bergman played roughly 31 minutes, and gave up 2 goals, before Mike Mosher relieved him. Mosher gave up a goal and was the shootout loser.

Goal scorers I have are:
CR - Bryce Aneloski (PP)
DM - Taylor Matson (PP)
DM - Derek Elliot (PP)
CR - Garrett Vermeersch (ES)
CR - Gustav Bengston (PP)

If anyone has the other goals, please let me know. Thanks to iowaninja for this info.


Anonymous said...

You of all people should know to check pointstreak

Period 1
Cedar Rapids - Bryce Aneloski (powerplay) (Mike Seidel, Jeff Vellecca) 17:02

Period 2
Des Moines - Taylor Matson (powerplay) (Bobby Reiners, Ryan McKiernan) 3:40
Des Moines - Derek Elliot (powerplay) (Taylor Matson, Ryan McKiernan) 4:22
Cedar Rapids - Garrett Vermeersch (Ben Lynch) 7:49

Period 3
Des Moines - Nate Dewhurst (powerplay) (Andrew Blazek, Denezhkin) 3:31
Cedar Rapids - Gustav Bengtson (powerplay) (Garrett Vermeersch, Scott Mathis) 13:17

(no scoring)

Des Moines Cedar Rapids
Kyle Bailey NO
Nate Dewhurst NO
Andrew Blazek YES
Chris Knowlton NO
Derek Elliot NO
Rody Selk NO
YES Mike Seidel
NO Kyle Flanagan
NO Ian Slater
NO Gustav Bengtson
NO Doug Jones
YES Garrett Vermeersch

Anonymous said...

back off of ryan..hes th man

Anonymous said...

Or Pointsteak didn't get updated until late last night, while Ryan had a review done Hours in advance.

Ryan said...

correct. Pointstreak did not have anything on that game as of early afternoon yesterday.

Anonymous said...

just giving ya crap...This blog does rock and Ryan is the man!