Saturday, September 8, 2007


Not a bad record for games that were supposed to be total blowouts in favor of the Q. Box score links can be found here and here.

Both games seemed to be extremely close and I think that can show that the talent levels between the USHL and the Q are not the much different. Of course the Q fans and CHL fans will argue that the best players are away at prospects camp, but those teams have still been together for nearly a month and have played multiple games prior to the Junior Classic. Omaha and Indiana haven't been together very long, and they have a scrimmage game against each other under their belts. I see that as being on an even playing field.

Match stars (Omaha vs Quebec):
  1. OMA - Arnt, Ben
  2. QUE - Sauvé, Maxime
  3. OMA - Sacchetti, Nico

Match stars (Indiana vs Rimouski):

  1. RIM - Néron, Alexandre
  2. IND - Skjodt, Jake
  3. RIM - Cornet, Philippe

The fans will make a bigger deal out of this than should be, but it's still an accomplishment. We can just hope that there is some new found respect for the quality of our great league we love and support.

This is a great experience for everyone involved and like Mike Hastings said, the Q and Patrick Roy did not have to do this. I believe we should appreciate the Q for taking this chance when it wasn't necessary. I think it's great the Q was open to the idea and would love to see them make a trip down here next season.


Anonymous said...

I hope the Q thinks about a return trip down to Omaha next year so show us statesiders what they are like in person. Great experience... historic in this being an initial encounter between two great levels of hockey that haven't met before. Let's hope it's the start of something enduring between the USHL and CHL.

Section A Crazy said...

What would be kinda cool, if it didn't negatively impact the eligibility of the USHL players, would be to add the USHL champion to the Memorial Cup & rotate locations between the WHL, OHL, QMJHL & USHL champions each year. Of course all the factors to match up to make it work may be too much.

Sure, the USHL teams may get spanked, but if they were to come into that & be competitive then it would really open some eyes & start bringing in more players for the talent pool. That reason may be the biggest hurdle to something like that happening.

Anonymous said...

The USHL playing in the Memorial cup would have any impact on the players college eligbility. Since they would be playing against the teams and not for the teams. Otherwise this exhibition series would not happen.

Anonymous said...

sorry meant to say would NOT have any impact on eligiblity

Anonymous said...

wow 6-0 omaha win over rimouski

section a crazy said...

I wasn't sure if that were the case or the fact that these were exhibition games & not "real" games that determined the eligibility in the NCAA's eyes.

Still doubtful anything like this would happen, 1001 reasons for it to not happen.

John Meissner said...

101 reasons? Care to share ANY of them with us?

section a crazy said...

Additional travel costs/missed school. The feeling by some in the USHL that the USHLers are already playing too long. The chance of a US team taking a Canadian trophy. Whether the CHL & USHL seasons match up.

Those are just some of the reasons that come to mind right away, any you have to add?