Wednesday, August 22, 2007

USHL in D.C.?

That's what On Frozen Blog would like to see.

I really doubt the USHL would ever expand that far east, but you never know. The USHL hasn't typically done well in Chicago or Columbus, so I'm not sure it would even work in D.C. I believe Gino Gasparini wants to eventually get to 18 teams in 3 divisions and with limited Midwestern cities looking available, I suppose it couldn't be ruled out have a team or two further east than Ohio.

I'd think an EJHL team would work better, or maybe an NAHL team since they already range from Alaska to Texas to Michigan.


Anonymous said...

Bringing in one of the better attended NAHL teams like the Tornado would be a solid decision for the USHL. Assuming they already provide the outer equipment (helmet, gloves, etc) and a supply of sticks, it would cost approximately $100,000 a season more for a team to move to Tier 1. Their travel costs should be similar to what they have now but now they would have to provide the billet and ALL equipment. A top program like Texas probably already has everything else required in place.

Step two would be to find those larger mid-west cities that have a hockey presence but really have nothing else going on in the winter, THAT's why many of the USHL teams have such a good attendance record, there isn't anything else to do. Cities that come to mind include LaCrosse, Champaign, Eau Claire (VERY strong youth and HS programs)

Anonymous said...

USHL in DC.....

Smoke another one?

Stick to small town Midwest.

Anonymous said...

ejhl teams are a joke. keep the amt of teams in the ushl down so the league doesnt get watered down like so many others

extowerclimber said...

Like the first poster said, look at bringing in a better attended team. That way you don't have recreate anything.

It would make sense for the NAHL Wichita Falls Wildcats to move if the Tornado do. A built in rivaly and two teams to play on a longer road trip down to TX.

Anonymous said...

What is the building like that Wichita plays in?

Anonymous said...

Texas....not a chance in the USHL.

Look for expansion into Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan or Southern Illinois to close the distance between east and west divisions. There is "zero" chance of the league expanding too far out of their current foot print. As is, Columbus to Sioux Falls is already a 12+ hour bus trip.

To get to the proposed 16 team league you will still need to have 3 more expansion franchises, plus 2 more sites to replace Chicago and Columbus when they fold or move.

Anonymous said...

On Frozen Blog probably has little knowledge of Junior Hockey or hockey costs in general.

Anonymous said...

3 more expansion franchises

Texas,W. Falls,St Louis

plus 2 more sites to replace Chicago and Columbus

M. Valley,a team in around Topeka

Anonymous said...

USHL in DC would be extremely difficult to make work financially. Too many other things to do and see to get enough fans to games. Much easier to succeed in small midwestern towns with nothing else to do.

As to talent in Maryland/Virginia and DC it is growing. More than just Roe, Axtell and Lynes - also Toy at Omaha Lancers(Ohio State), Clemente at NTDP,Bergman and Panzarella at Des Moines, Cullen at Indiana (RPI), Kitto USA-U18 Select, Day (Army)