Monday, August 6, 2007

Making History One Step At A Time

History could be made opening night in the USHL this year, and I suppose it could even be before the games actually start. What I'm talking about is potentially having the first 1992 birth date to ever suit up for a USHL team. If that line hasn't given it away, yes, I am talking about 1992 born defenseman Jon Merrill.

Merrill, who was taken in the 13th round of the USHL draft, is still listed on Ohio's protected list. Though it seems like a long shot for a kid this young to suit up in the USHL this year, Merrill seems to be the one who can do it. He already stands in at 6'2" 175, so he has the size for the USHL level, but does he have what it takes mentally?

Ohio currently has defenseman on the roster, so Merrill could end up being the odd man out because of his age and lack of experience.

Outside of him being drafted by the Junior Blue Jackets, you probably recognize his name from when he committed to Michigan at the age of 14. It has also been reported that Merrill has received an invite from the NTDP to play for that program come next season.

Chris Dilks reported on the Select 15's, and made mention that Merrill was easily the best player on the ice.

Jon Merrill(Little Caesar’s(MI)): Easily the best player at the camp. He’s 6’3, but skates like he’s 5’9”. Very smooth with the puck. Excellent in the defensive zone. Does a great job of picking up his man in the defensive zone.
Jon Merrill definitely has the skill, speed, and size to make it in the USHL. The only questions are if he is mentally ready and if he wants to play in the USHL. He can choose to stay close to home and spend time with the NTDP for 2 years after the 07-08 season. Here's hoping a kid with the talent level of Jon's chooses to spend some time in the USHL. Merrill will definitely be a player you'll want to keep an eye on in the next few years and while at Michigan.


iowaninja said...

I'm not sure but isn't this about the same age as Tristin Llewellyn when he joined the league with Indiana.

Ryan said...

could be, but Merrill would still be 3 months younger.

Anonymous said...

Ya and look at how Llewellyn turned out. Went from NHL projected top 10 pick To not even drafted.

Another thing to look at is Harkins was in Indy with Tristin and Harkins is in Ohio with Merrill.

This is not a good thing for Jon.
Merrill will be droping like TL did.

Anonymous said...

I think the worst thing for Llewellyn's career was being traded to Tri-City. They play a trap defense and it doesn't really help a defenseman's game. You'll notice he seemed to drop off after the trade.

iowaninja said...

I couldn't agree more with the Tri-City comment I think that is also why it seems like they have a d-man come back from college every season

Anonymous said...

It's also because he'll be to YOUNG for this league.

Plus, what is the point of taking a 92 when he'll go play at the USA U-17 the next year.

Its a joke.

Ryan said...

Justin Mercier played a year with St. Louis before going to the NTDP.

iowaninja said...

There is always the chance that the player will decide against the NTDP and play continue play in the USHL, I know one season CR had two players who played a USHL season and turned down the NTDP to continue play in the USHL

Anonymous said...

Justin made the U-18 team.

And the 2 players for CR did so well that u remember thier names.

Plus Ohio is only around for 1 more year.


Anonymous said...

Harkins was not in Indy as either a coach or a GM.
The thing you don't hear about Tris is the series of concussions. Some of the scouts said they didn't want to take a chance.

Anonymous said...

Harkins was in Indy. The Midget coach.

Anonymous said...

Rumor on the street.

Omaha-USHL Adam Comrie is going to Saginaw-OHL.

Chicago-USHL Andy Miele to Plymouth-OHL.

Any Info?

iowaninja said...

Derek Peltier and Joe Fallon seems those two are doing pretty good for themselves dispite not playing for the NTDP and at least I dont hide behind anonymous.

AHL Guy said...

merril is good, really good. no need for him to be rushed into playing ushl where there will not be 1 91 D who runs ths show out there, let alone a 92. take your time son, and develop, don't rush...especially into a poor org like columbus...and yea, only 1 more year for them!

Anonymous said...

What is happening with Ohio next year?