Tuesday, July 24, 2007

News and Notes

Reggie Berg looks back, looks forward.

A story on Lancer defenseman, Jake Sloat.

Former Gambler, Matt Summers, signs in the CHL.

NMU hires hockey assistant.

An article on former USHL goalie, Karl Goerhing. (bugmenot.com to get around registration)

Like Father Like Son at USA Hockey Camp.

Oshie makes strong impression at Blues prospect camp.

Ducks sign former Buccaneer Brett Skinner.

Kings sign former Musketeer John Zeiler.

Just taking a look at NHL training camps that had rosters available, I noticed a few guys with USHL ties.

Minnesota Wild: Chris Hickey, Danny Irmen, Brennan Vargas, Kyle Medvec.

New York Rangers: Greg Beller, Jack Downing, Ben Rosen.

Dallas Stars: Nico Sacchetti, Marty Sertich, Ben Van Lare, Richard Bachman.

Also, Texas Tornado Booster Club has an article on Van Lare.


iowaninja said...

Former and Current RoughRiders Justin Abdelkader, Sergei Kolosov and Dean Chelios where at Detroits camp. As well as former SC rostered player Brendan Smith

Ryan said...

thanks ninja.

Anonymous said...

NY islander camp Jason Gregorie Blake Kessel James Marcou Shane Sims

Anonymous said...

Joe Loprieno was at the Blackhawks camp as was Joe Charlebois

Anonymous said...

oh, and Jan-Mikael Juutilainen

Anonymous said...

Der...sorry Ryno, I must have been hit over the head with a souvenier bat...didn't realize it was real camps not prospect camps

iowaninja said...

I think all those listed where at Prospects camps, main camps have not started yet for these teams. Add Nick Petreski to San Jose's Camp

Anonymous said...

Derrick LaPoint was a Florida's camp in early June