Saturday, June 23, 2007

NHL Draft

Players in bold are players who just finished the season in the USHL.

Players with USHL ties selected:
6. Sam Gagner (Sioux City/Edmonton)
22. Max Pacioretty (Sioux City/Montreal)
25. Patrick White (Tri-City/Vancouver)
28. Nick Petrecki (Omaha/San Jose)
35. Tommy Cross (Ohio/Boston)
44. Aaron Palushaj (Des Moines/St. Louis)
45. Colby Cohen (Lincoln/Colorado)
50. Nico Sacchetti (Indiana/Dallas)
53. Will Weber (Chicago/Columbus)
68. Jake Hansen (Sioux Falls/Columbus)
75. Luca Cunti (Chicago/Tampa Bay)
76. Jason Gregoire (Lincoln/New York Islanders)
77. Alex Killorn (Omaha/Tampa Bay)
81. Ryan Thang (Omaha-Sioux Falls/Nashville)
84. Phil DeSimone (Sioux City/Washington)
89. Corey Tropp (Sioux Falls/Buffalo)
93. Steven Kampfer (Sioux City/Anaheim)
95. Alec Martinez (Cedar Rapids/Los Angeles)
100. Travis Erstad (Lincoln/St. Louis)
105. Brad Malone (Sioux Falls/Colorado)
108. Brett Bruneteau (Omaha/Washington)
113. Kent Patterson (Cedar Rapids/Colorado)
114. Ben Ryan (Des Moines/Nashville)
120. Ben Blood (Des Moines/Ottawa)
131. John Lee (Waterloo/Florida)
135. Paul Carey (Indiana/Colorado)
137. Josh Turnbull (Waterloo/Los Angeles)
142. Andrew Conboy (Omaha/Montreal)
150. Matt Marshall (Waterloo/Tampa Bay)
153. Scott Darling (Indiana/Phoenix)
166. Blake Kessel (Waterloo/New York Islanders)
176. Taylor Matson (Des Moines/Vancouver)
185. Nick Larson (Omaha/Washington)
190. Trevor Nill (Chicago/St. Louis)
192. Scott Kishel (Sioux Falls/Montreal)
198. Danny Hobbs (Ohio/New York Rangers)
199. Andrew Glass (Ohio/Washington)
201. Justin Braun (Green Bay/San Jose)
209. Drew MacKenzie (Waterloo/Buffalo)
211. Trent Vogelhuber (Des Moines/Columbus)

40 total, and 21 drafted straight out of the USHL. I have to believe this is the most players with USHL ties ever drafted in a single year and the most drafted straight out of the USHL. I believe every team had some sort of connection with a player being draft. Congrats to all the draft picks.

Here is the USHL release. I didn't include Severyn or Eno because they were no longer on protected lists, so it could be 43 total, with 26 of them having played in the USHL. Not too shabby.


Anonymous said...

what constitutes a "tie" with a USHL team. kids that are drafted by or on a protected list of a team should not be connected to a team like someone who has actually played for that team. this type of stretching does nothing to for the league.

Anonymous said...

It seems a bit tacky to include players who have never played one second in the USHL as having ties to the league.

Anonymous said...

get used to it, gino gesparini loves his ties!!!

iowaninja said...

Alec Martinez was drafted by L.A. in the 4th round, former Cedar Rapids RoughRider

iowaninja said...

oops see him now, for some reason my eyes missed that one.

Anonymous said...

I see your point, but for those "casual" fans of the league, including draftees lets them know who to watch for this season or next.

Wisconsin bragged about its incoming class with three players drafted. Was that wrong, too?


Anonymous said...

nothing wisco does is ever wroong!

Marc Foster said...

A side stat... 63 Americans taken in the draft - 30% of the total, which is a new record.

Anonymous said...

Giguere, GM of the Av's, recently added a scout to his staff, based in Minnesota, primarily to better gauge players from the increasingly talented United States Hockey League.

"A lot of colleges now try to send freshmen to the USHL, then bring them on, with a year of seasoning," Giguere said.

From the Denver Post..