Friday, June 22, 2007

News and Notes

USHL Draft Profile (PDF format.)

Weber eyes NHL draft. article on former Sioux City forward, Sam Gagner.

Green Bay futures player, John O'Neill, has committed to the University of Minnesota-Duluth for the fall of 2009.

Q & A with Indiana's first round pick, Patrick Cullen.

McKeen's: You are scheduled to go to RPI for 2008, where are you planning to play next year (Indiana USHL)?

Cullen: I am planning to play in Indiana next year assuming I make the team. I am really excited to go out there and check it all out. I think we could have a pretty good team with all the kids that are in the system. I am really looking forward to playing up in Quebec against two of the QMJHL teams.

An update from Lincoln:

Stars Focus on Eight Candidates
After reviewing over 50 applications for the head coaching position, Stars owners and staff have narrowed the list to eight candidates. On Monday, Stars' assistant coach Ryan Bencurik and Fargo Moorhead (NAHL) head coach Chad Johnson met with the Stars. Assistant coach Jimmy McGroarty is scheduled to be interviewed on Thursday. All interviews are to be completed by early next week, with an official announcement of the next head coach expected by early July.

Buffalo Sabres made a qualifying offer to Thomas Vanek. I wouldn't be surprised if Vanek was to sign with another NHL team. Buffalo has their hands full with trying to re-sign Daniel Briere and Chris Drury.

Lastly, the NHL draft starts tonight. Who will be the first USHL player taken? Nick Petrecki or Max Pacioretty?

Anyone willing to guess which teams these two will be draft by?

My predictions: Nick Petrecki is drafted first by Anaheim and Pacioretty second by Calgary.


Anonymous said...

Petrecki goes 1st and to Colorado.

roger d'arco said...

are they going to interview any real hockey coaches? or just loser retreads? good for every other team in the wast if those guys get the job!

Anonymous said...

loser retreads? I didn't know you interviewed for the job, Roger.

Anonymous said...

Hartzell, whose Sioux Falls team won the USHL postseason championship, had been rumored to be a finalist. But Hartzell has shown no interest in the job, and like several head coaches in the league, probably has a clause in his contract that prevents him from coaching another USHL team.

Anonymous said...

petrecki goes first to the DEVILS!!!

iowaninja said...

The Devils don't even have a first round pick so unless no USHL kid is drafted in the 1st round that won't happen.

Roger D'Arco said...

yes loser retreads, if you want any of those guys for your coach, be my (and every other ushl team's) guest! people are laughing at the stars now!
and at least i am using my name, anonymous chickens@#%!

Pete North said...

You need a kleenex, Roger?

Ryan said...

seems like a good group of finalists to me. Sounds like you're the only one laughing at the Stars. What USHL team wouldn't want to have an Ed Olczyk coach their team? And it only makes sense that Bencurik, McGroarty, and Johnson are in the mix as well.