Sunday, June 17, 2007

News and Notes

Somewhat on topic, there is an article in the Omaha paper about their Civic Auditorium. I bring it up because it has mention of the Lancers in the article and an outside shot of them playing at the Civic.

An interview with Colby Cohen.

If you could be USHL commissioner for one day, what changes would you make?

“You have to do something with the divisions to make it fairer — probably split up Chicago and Ohio. Waterloo and Cedar Rapids played them seven or eight times, and that’s six easy wins. We didn’t have six easy games all year. Even if we killed Des Moines, it was a tough game.”
Hockey's Future feature on Tri-City's Patrick White.

An article on former Black Hawk Joe Pavelski.

"Patches" projects pretty positively.

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