Monday, June 25, 2007

Expansive Effect

This article in the Fargo paper is about Gino and the league. It provides some useful information as well.

Gasparini has already had talks with NHL officials about getting direct financial support. The NHL pays fees to the Canadian Hockey League, a 60-team junior league that produces players who jump directly to the pros.

“Our league has developed a considerable amount of presence in the development of players. Because of that, we think we can be a major player, not only at the college level but the professional level as well.”

Gasparini said he thinks that there are more quality high school players available – enough to justify the USHL eventually expanding to 18 teams, with three six-team divisions.

Gasparini said in addition to the Fargo expansion, the league is looking at possible franchises in Wisconsin, Kansas, Indiana and Illinois.

“There could be one more in addition to Fargo for the 2008 season,” said Gasparini, who declined to name potential cities. “We want to be cautious with expansion. Even though we are an amateur league, we consider ourselves to be professionals in the business world. The reality is, we don’t want failure."

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