Thursday, May 3, 2007

Thursday Game Recap

Des Moines became the first team to reach the final four with their victory over Sioux Falls.

Thursday's Three Stars:
1. Ben Ryan (Des Moines) goal and assist. This time he did have the game winner.
2. Matt Dalton (Des Moines) 23 saves for the win.
3. Nick Dineen (Sioux Falls) a goal to help keep SF alive.

Overall Standings:
1. Richard Bachman (Cedar Rapids)-6
1. John Kemp (Indiana)-6
3. Matt Godlewski (Chicago)-5
3. Andrew Rowe (Sioux City)-5
3. Phil DeSimone (Sioux City)-5
3. Matt Dalton (Des Moines)-5
3. Jacob Cepis (Cedar Rapids)-5
8. Ben Ryan (Des Moines)-4
9. Bryan Hogan (Lincoln)-3
9. Matt DiGiralamo (Waterloo)-3
9. Jerry Kuhn (Sioux City)-3
9. Drew Fisher (Sioux Falls)-3
9. Matt Lundin (Sioux Falls)-3
9. Rob Madore (Chicago)-3
9. Jared Brown (Lincoln)-3
9. Andy Miele (Chicago)-3
9. Aaron Palushaj (Des Moines)-3
9. Calle Ridderwall (Tri-City)-3
9. Dustin Gazley (Sioux City)-3
9. Max Pacioretty (Sioux City)-3
9. Alex Hudson (Tri-City)-3
9. Eric Miller (Indiana)-3
23. Garrett Roe (Indiana)-3
23. Derek Roehl (Ohio)-2
23. Drew Palmisano (Omaha)-2
23. Corson Cramer (Ohio)-2
23. Mike Embach (Indiana)-2
23. Dan Sexton (Sioux Falls)-2
23. Mark Olver (Omaha)-2
30. Anthony Maiani (Sioux City)-1
30. Pat Cannone (Cedar Rapids)-1
30. Mitch Ryan (Waterloo)-1
30. Scott Wietecha (Cedar Rapids)-1
30. Sergio Somma (Green Bay)-1
30. Stephen Schultz (Lincoln)-1
30. Jesse Martin (Tri-City)-1
30. Aaron Rock (Tri-City)-1
30. Ian Keserich (Tri-City)-1
30. Nick Dineen (Sioux Falls)-1


Anonymous said...

Look whose back

REFEREE: Mark Lemelin

He sucked so much in the CHA (I think- I couldnt find the article) that he was demoted??

After the way he officiated the SF DM game, he needs to go to high school officiating. He sucked equally against both teams.

Ryan said...

he was the ref in game 5 of SC-TC and OM-DM as well.

Scooter said...

the chl, the lousy minor league in the south....he was kicked out. He's a jerk, he reffed a few of my games and was acting like he was so much much better making 90 bucks a game....he is a loser!

Anonymous said...

Lemelin obviously has close ties to someone in power, because he could not possibly get these games based on ability. As far as DM reaching the final four, I am cheering for SF to advance as well. With these 2 teams advancing it will further discredit the league brass and their brilliant idea to change the playoff format. It is quite obvious these teams did not lay it all on the line during the regular season in hopes of making the playoffs. They shut it down and rested their guys since the long exhibition season meant nothing.

Anonymous said...

If I knew he was gonna blow the SF-DM game so badly, I would have given him my thunderstick to blow instead

Anonymous said...

it was a special teams showdown. the regular season number 1 power play v. the regular season number 1 pk.

needless to say, DM won this round with all 3 of their goals on the PP.