Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Indiana Ice 2007-08 Preview

Indiana had a rough regular season, but really turned it on in the playoffs. They lost to eventual Clark Cup champions, Sioux Falls Stampede in the opening game in the USHL Final Four.

Key Departures:
Eric Olimb-One of the team's better defenseman.
Garrett Roe-Offensive leader.
Eric Kattelus-Good player.
Mike Embach-Feisty, tough player.
Alex Kangas-Top goalie.

Goalies (1):
Cody Reichard (1987) - Stats didn't improve much from last season.

Goalie Evaluation:
If Indiana wants to contend, I believe they will need to find a more capable goalie than Reichard. He's a solid backup, but he's definitely not the type of goalie I'd want to depend on.

Defense (6):
Ryan Scott (1987) - Big kid, might be better suited as a forward.
Matt Smith (1988) - Decent size, I like his potential.
Mike Blundon (1987) - Big, but looks confused on the ice.
Eddie Levens (1987) - Not a bad rookie campaign, should have a bigger role next season.
Robert Martini (1988) - How can you not love that name?
Nick Bailen (1989) - 3rd year guy, should be a leader on the team.

Defense Evaluation:
Indy could return a good core of defensemen, but with so many 87's on the team, Scott, Blundon, and Levens need to work extra hard to secure a spot on the blue line. Bailen should log a lot of ice time next fall and Smith should get some looks from D-I scouts.

Forwards (5):
Jake Skjodt (1987) - Pleasant surprise, should score another 20+ goals.
Brent Gwidt (1988) - Disappointing rookie season, but Gwidt should improve.
Brian Arrigoni (1987) - Not many points for a forward, but the kid has speed.
Ron Cramer (1988) - Increased point total by 17.
John Kemp (1987) - Kemp will be atop the offensive leader board all year.

Forward Evaluation:
Indiana returns two of their top three scoring threats in Kemp and Skjodt. These two should continue to lead the Ice in scoring. I have a feeling Gwidt will be in for a big year and he will prove why he was worthy of an NHL draft pick. Cramer made strides this season and should continue to build on that. Arrigoni needs to step up his offense if he wants to stick around.

Futures Evaluation:
Indiana has a top prospect that should be suiting up for them next season by the name of Nico Sacchetti. He has a scholarship to Minnesota already, and he's going to be a real good player for the Ice. Indy also has talent in Kyle Bonis, John Carlson, Paul Carey, and Karl Ramolla. The Ice will need to hope Bowling Green decides to have Brennan Vargas play another year of juniors. After next season, they have a stud waiting in the wings by the name of Jordan Schroeder.

Overall Evaluation: C


Anonymous said...

u forgot John Tavares. Ha ha

Anonymous said...

what about Squires?

Anonymous said...

Squires has scholarship

Anonymous said...

ya but he hasnt decided whether to attend wmu in 07-08 or 08-09

Anonymous said...

Jordan Schroeder.

You really think this guy will even see a USHL team jersey??

Ryan said...

why not? His commitment is for 2009, so he will be aged out of the NTDP.

Anonymous said...

kj ramolla has been dropped from indiana

Anonymous said...

how do you know Ramolla was dropped?? any other changes? any word on who they are keeping as 1987 birthdates?

Anonymous said...

word on the street, my friend.

Anonymous said...

Kyle Bonis last year posted 70 pts in the OPJHL as an 89.Speed, skill he should fit in nicely with the Ice for next season.

Anonymous said...

Kemp and Skjodt will be the 87's

Anonymous said...

i believe levens is an 87 as well, not sure if he will be back on the squad again next season.

arrigoni and blundon were both 87's too, seriously doubt they will be back next season.

Anonymous said...

They are allowed 4 .Tough choices will have to be made