Friday, May 11, 2007

April 28 Game Recap

I just noticed that I skipped this game, so I suppose better late than never.

Tri-City beat Sioux City to tie the series at 3 apiece.

Saturday's Three Stars:
1. Calle Ridderwall (Tri-City) 2 goals in the game, including the game winner.
2. Andrew Rowe (Sioux City) scored a goal in a losing effort.
3. Andrew Sackrison (Tri-City) scored the opening goal in the game.

Overall Standings:
1. Andrew Rowe (Sioux City)-7
2. Richard Bachman (Cedar Rapids)-6
2. John Kemp (Indiana)-6
2. Matt DiGiralamo (Waterloo)-6
2. Calle Ridderwall (Tri-City)-6
6. Matt Godlewski (Chicago)-5
6. Phil DeSimone (Sioux City)-5
6. Matt Dalton (Des Moines)-5
6. Jacob Cepis (Cedar Rapids)-5
10. Ben Ryan (Des Moines)-4
11. Bryan Hogan (Lincoln)-3
11. Jerry Kuhn (Sioux City)-3
11. Drew Fisher (Sioux Falls)-3
11. Matt Lundin (Sioux Falls)-3
11. Rob Madore (Chicago)-3
11. Jared Brown (Lincoln)-3
11. Andy Miele (Chicago)-3
11. Aaron Palushaj (Des Moines)-3
11. Dustin Gazley (Sioux City)-3
11. Max Pacioretty (Sioux City)-3
11. Alex Hudson (Tri-City)-3
11. Eric Miller (Indiana)-3
23. Garrett Roe (Indiana)-3
23. Derek Roehl (Ohio)-2
23. Drew Palmisano (Omaha)-2
23. Corson Cramer (Ohio)-2
23. Mike Embach (Indiana)-2
23. Dan Sexton (Sioux Falls)-2
23. Mark Olver (Omaha)-2
23. Corey Tropp (Sioux Falls)-2
31. Anthony Maiani (Sioux City)-1
31. Pat Cannone (Cedar Rapids)-1
31. Mitch Ryan (Waterloo)-1
31. Scott Wietecha (Cedar Rapids)-1
31. Sergio Somma (Green Bay)-1
31. Stephen Schultz (Lincoln)-1
31. Jesse Martin (Tri-City)-1

31. Aaron Rock (Tri-City)-1
31. Ian Keserich (Tri-City)-1
31. Nick Dineen (Sioux Falls)-1
31. Brad Malone (Sioux Falls)-1
31. Andrew Sackrison (Tri-City)-1

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