Thursday, April 12, 2007

Stampeding Through Goalies

Today, I will be featuring Sioux Falls goalie Matt Lundin.

Matt Lundin's path to the USHL is one not often taken. Lundin was a goalie for the University of Maine, but was a backup for Jimmy Howard decided to make himself . Being stuck behind the talented Howard, Lundin made himself available for the USHL Entry Draft. Tri-City coach Bliss Littler made him one of their top choices in 2005. Littler though, also drafted a goalie by the name of Richard Bachman, and both were set to be Storm players for the 2005-2006 season. Bachman then decided to go back to Cushing Academy because he did not want to play backup to Lundin. Before the start of the season, the Detroit Red Wings announced they had signed goaltender Jimmy Howard out of Maine. Before long, Lundin was back in Maine and preparing himself to be their number one goalie. In turn, this put the Storm in a tough spot, but they would find a solid goalie in Aaron Rock to stop pucks.

Lundin was soon dissatisfied with his playing time yet again. This time, it was rookie Ben Bishop stealing time from Lundin.

Fast forward to the 2006 USHL Entry Draft.

Lundin was once again drafted, this time by Sioux Falls, and it left many Stampede fans scratching their heads. The reason for that was Kevin Hartzell traded one of the league's top goalies, Alex Kangas, to Indiana. Needless to say, Lundin had some big shoes to fill. Coming off a 43 win season, the Stampede looked like they could have both of their goalies back. It had been rumored that John Murray was going to attend Maine, and ultimately trade places with Lundin. Murray though, eventually signed with the Kitchener Rangers of the Ontario Hockey League.

Lundin, an Apple Valley, Minnesota native, had a rough start to the season, and had many Stampede fans second guessing coach Hartzell. Lundin started off 2-6-2 after 10 games, but has lost (in regulation) just eight times since. Lundin fashions a 24-14-5 record in 43 appearances for the Stampede, including two shutouts. He had a winning streak earlier in the year of seven games, and is currently riding a five game winning streak.

Lundin has definitely made some huge strides since the start of the year, and he was able to land a scholarship from Mercyhurst College. He will begin playing there in the fall of 2007.

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Anonymous said...

Mercyhurst doesn't give athletic scholarships, only academic. Good luck to him!