Friday, April 6, 2007

Rapid City?

Be sure to stay tuned to Marc Foster's blog, as he will most likely go into more detail than I will.

Just going to post a quote and let Marc do the rest.
A committee consisting of members of the civic center board of directors, the mayor, city council liaisons, representatives of the Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Rapid City Area Schools will hear presentations from the CHL on April 11 and from the USHL on April 24.
So the USHL is definitely interested, but can they beat out a professional league?

Marc also mentions that Green Bay will be getting the 2008 USHL All-Star game. I thought that maybe a West team would receive it, since Waterloo hosted this year. Green Bay also hosted the 2003 All-Star game, where Team USHL defeated Team World 6-1. Announcement can be found here.

When was the last time Chad LaRose had a team not make the playoffs?

"It might be the first time ever in my life," said LaRose, 25.

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