Friday, April 20, 2007

News and Notes

Dan Lawson feels like a celebrity in Lincoln.

In Chicago, Lawson recalls being with teammates at a store near the arena. Once recognized as athletes, they were asked whom they played for. Proudly they said, “The Chicago Steel.”

“They did not have a clue, just blocks from the rink,” Lawson said. “Here, you’re lucky to find people that don’t have Stars’ apparel on. That’s really cool.”
Justin Greene Recounts Weekend as USHL Official.

Miami (Ohio) received a National LOI from Cedar Rapids forward Pat Cannone.

Star Among Stars. This article features Lincoln Star defenseman Colby Cohen.

Silva Lining. This article features Green Bay Gamblers forward Steve Silva.

On the Up and Up. This article features Omaha Lancers forward Jack Downing.

Chicago's Rob Madore has committed to the University of Vermont for the 2008 season.


Anonymous said...

From the story about Jason Greene...."The coach of the Ohio team was Peter Harrold's brother Josh,...."

Josh Harrold? What's up with that?

iowaninja said...

They may want to watch what they put in print in Lincoln, players getting subway discounts because they are players may border on NCAA violations.

Anonymous said...

NCAA violations for subway sandwich discounts? Why would that be?