Saturday, April 28, 2007

Friday Game Recap

Des Moines closed out the series against Omaha.

Friday's Three Stars:
1. Aaron Palushaj (Des Moines) 1 goal and 1 assist. Goal was the game winner.
2. Mark Olver (Omaha) 2 goals on the night.
3. Matt Dalton (Des Moines) 52 saves for the victory.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to the Bucs. They have some very skilled forwards, two talentend D-Men, and a goalie that played outstanding. They played hungry and won the series.

I have been a Lancer season ticket holder for 18 years. That being said, I may have watched my last USHL game after watching this series. This league now has the credability of the WWE. Hockey is a man's sport, and checking and hitting are part of the game. Certain individuals in charge of the league (I am calling you out Gino Gaspirini and Scott Brand) have now reduced the league to a cross between the Icecapades and Professional Wrestling.

The quality of officiating in this league just flatout sucks. The officials reward certain superstars for diving all over the ice and call all kind of petty and non-existant penalties, only to not call obvious and potentially dangerous penalties.

Gino and Scott, (and anyone else)please watch the video of this whole series. Several calls question the credability of this league. In game 3, McCreary had not called any penalty for 2 periods. Will O'Neil gets high sticked right in front of the Des Moines goal in OT. Penalty called (OK). On the ensuing faceoff, McCreary calls a non-existant interference on Olver. Insted of a Lancer PP, play is 4x4, Des Moines scores 4x4 to win the game, when they should have been on the PK.

In game 5, at 12:11 of the 1st, Ben Ryan just flat falls down next to the Lancer goalie with no defender within 20 feet of Ryan. Lemelin calls a hook (?) to put Des Moines 5x3 at the time. At the end of the 3rd, Jokilla gets checked from behind, and Lemelin shakes his head indicating no call.

At the start of OT, I being the vocal fan I am yell that Lemelin owes the Lancers a makeup call. I (and 5 other people) were sitting next to 3 professional scouts (Section 213). One of the scouts ask me, "You only want him to make up on call?" I thought he was chastising me for being an idiot fan that some people accusing me of being (They may be right!). I answered that I would like a makeup call. The scouts answers, "That's nice, he (Lemelin) owes you about 10 makeup calls. Another scouts states, "I would say that this game has been poorly officiated, but that would be giving him to much credit." All three of the scouts agreed that the Jokilla (non) penalty on Ryan called in the 1st was as bad of call as they had seen all year.

It's not that the Lancers lost why I am upset. Rather, I pay money to watch these games, and part of the money goes to pay these pathetic excuses of officials. Couple that with professional scouts stating that the officiating is poor and potentially bias, and I have to question what is going on in this league.

Do you hear this Gino and Scotty? This is just not me ranting about your terrible officiating, but professional scouts stating that the officiating in this league is a joke. Hockey is not about skating around and falling on the ice. Hockey is a physical game, a man's game. Gaspirini, Brand, and officals of this league have reduced hockey to the physicalness of the Icecapades.

I know that everyone will pile on with "Sour Grapes" "Bad Fan" and "A little cheese with that Whine" comments. So be it. But again, when disinterested, neutral,professional scouts are stating that the officiating is bad and skewed, what conclusion are left to be drawn.

I hope the league addresses these issues to improve the level of play and to dramatically improve the level of officiating in this league.


Anonymous said...

So the refs calls and no calls are the fault of Gino and Scott and not the person making them in general.

Anonymous said...

let's be honest here, brand is a joke. He claims to make all these great referees, but truthfully they are lousy in the ushl and lousy when they move on. last week, lemelin was accused of helping fix or throw a game in the chl-i am sure he didn't throw or fix, but was just completely bad. all refs are pompous (sp?) losers who never made it as players. unfortunately, there are very few x players reffing, but when they do , they are usually good. back to brand, he's full of crap, protects his referees when he should reprimand them, and is very unprofessional. Brand clamis to have all these professional referees, but mostly, they go to low levels after being washed out of the higher minor pro leagues.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the officiating is a three-fold problem.

First, certain "touted prospect" players in the league are given breaks on no-calls, while if some exhales hard on these "touted prospects", a penalty is called. No one call should be influenced by the players involved in the play. The USHL "promotes" certain players in the league, and I have no doubt in my mind that the league offices directly officials to showcase these players.

Second, these idiot officials must get bonus pay for every penalty the call. There are way too many penalties called in this league. I am all for getting rid of "clutch and grap" hockey, but that doesn't mean that someone has to be on the PP all the time. A clean, hard check doesn't mean that a "roughing" or "boarding" penalty needs to be called. I have officiated football, basketball, and volleyball, and I completely understand that an official can be looking the other way, or blocked by players and miss a call. I have no problem with the "missed call" for these reasons. However, the fundamental rule of officiating is that you cannot call what you don't see. Constantly in this league, you see official call penalties when (propective NHL) players either fall down or take a dive. Thus, the conclusion that league administration directs that "highly touted prospects" be protected and made to look good by the officials.

Third, the USHL identifies itself as a "developmental" league. What is the USHL developing with these idiots running and officiating the league? Apparently the league is developing players to fall down, dive, lay on the ice faking injury, and run their mouths without fear of consequences. Hell, if I wanted to watching diving and fake injuries, I'd watch soccer, they have down to science (Anyone think soccer is a better game than hockey?). How can this be good for player development? The league used to develop hard nose, tough, fast skating, hard hitting, two way hockey players, it doesn't appear that is the leagues goal anymore.

Again, the surprising part about this entire rant is that disinterested, neutral, professional scouts volunteered that the officiating sucked and was biased one way. Continued silence from the league office only continues to reinforce the idea that agendas are in play other than "fair" (four letter word that starts with "F") competition in the league.


Anonymous said...

"Sour Grapes" "Bad Fan" and "A little cheese with that Whine"

Sounds about right.

Just because Omahole can't play their clutch and grab boring hockey anymore you're crying.

Where were these complaints earlier this year when your team was winning?

Of course the officials are not perfect. But officials don't beat a team 4-1 in a best of seven series.

Enjoy the golf.