Saturday, April 14, 2007

Anderson Cup Champion Crowned

With the victory over Cedar Rapids, the Waterloo Black Hawks are the 2006-2007 USHL Anderson Cup champions.

Final standings:
Cedar Rapids
Green Bay

Sioux Falls
Sioux City
Des Moines

1st Round Matchups:
Waterloo vs Chicago
Cedar Rapids vs Ohio
Indiana vs Green Bay

Omaha vs Des Moines
Tri-City vs Sioux City
Lincoln vs Sioux Falls


Anonymous said...

We need to even the schedule out so teams in the East have to play the West more often. Waterloo's Anderson Cup is a bit tainted because they got to play the Ohio and Chicago cupcakes instead of having to play Des Moines and Sioux City as many times. Waterloo wouldn't have the Cup right now if there was a balanced schedule.

Anonymous said...

The clark cup will be tainted too, because everyone does not deserve to be in the playoffs. The old system eliminates those that dont belong, namely Ohio and Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Waterloo is hardly the best team in the league. They would struggle if they were in the West.

Anonymous said...

Try telling that to a Waterloo fan. They all think they are the best team ever in the USHL.

We all know that they couldn't have held a candlestick to the West.

Anonymous said...

i Believe the last 3 year the team in the east won it all and they had to beat the team in the west to do it. I'm getting sick of hearing you guys in the west crying that the east team have it easier. We might have had it easier because chicago and ohio sucked this year but the west have it easier because the teams in your division are alot closer and make the travel alot easier.
I agree with the one guy about the clark cup, they should go back to years ago and do best of 7 for the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Ya, the travel is alot easier, but the games are 10 times as hard in the 1st round. The travel isnt really a big deal in the first round. Especially for Waterloo and Cedar Rapids this year. I am guessing their 4th lines are seeing a lot of extended playing time. Case in point, neither Ohio or Chicago have scored yet. Ohio did take CR into OT, but I am guessing the first game that there was alot of rest time. Waterloo wins 2-0 over Chicago and faced like 10-15 shots. I dont blame it on Waterloo or CR though, its Gino's fault.