Wednesday, January 31, 2007

News and Notes

USHL features J.R. Lafferty and Brian Robbins.

This big, strapping player, is college hockey bound. "It is something that I want very much, I look forward to it. I have visited Harvard, BU, and BC, and really liked those schools, they are my favorite". When asked what his thoughts are about the college game, JR stated, "There are big guys there, its physical, a lot of talent on the ice, the atmosphere is great, and it is professional".

As for future plans, next year he hopes to get a shot at the US Development Program, but is also happy playing with the Jr. A Rockets for another season. He is another one of the growing players that feel college hockey is the way to go, and is very interested in Wisconsin. He knows a lot about the college game, has practiced before with Michigan goalie Billy Sauer, has watched college hockey games, and is definitely something he is educating himself about. His goal is to start for a Division 1 hockey program. "I love the atmosphere, the fast tempo, the school is the best part, you get into it, its great hockey". Does he have any knowledge of the USHL? The answer is yes. "I definitely would love to play in the USHL, it moves players to D 1 college hockey all the time and I love it. They treat you like pros, help you mature as a player and develop".

USHL features Quinnipiac University.

Des Moines Buccaneers forward Andrew Olson has committed to the University of Connecticut. Olson is currently enjoying a breakout season, recording 30 points in 34 games played. Last season, the Alexandria, Minnesota native recorded 25 points in 54 games.

"Andrew's story is what Junior hockey is all about," said Buccaneers coach Regg Simon. "He wasn’t satisfied with what he had done a year ago. He paid his dues and a huge price over the summer. If you look at his point totals and what he's done for our team so far, I'd say he’s earned everything he's getting."

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