Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mid-Term Rankings

NHL Central Scouting has released their mid-term rankings. I will be highlighting the players they have listed that have USHL ties.

First Round

3. Sam Gagner, C - Played with Sioux City last season.
12. Ryan McDonagh, D - currently on Chicago's protected list.
23. Max Pacioretty, LW - Sioux City's 2nd leading point scorer this season.
25. Patrick White, C - Played a handful of games with Tri-City.
27. Colby Cohen, D - 3rd in scoring among USHL defensemen.

Second Round

31. Nicholas Petrecki, D - Was previously a top 10 pick, seems to have fallen, but has been scoring more and staying out of the box, so his stock can only go up now.
50. Ben Ryan, C - 4th on Des Moines in scoring.
51. Nick Larson, C - Played 10 games with Omaha before going back to his HS.
53. John Lee, D - Played with Waterloo before heading back to HS.

Third Round

61. Nico Sacchetti, C - Futures pick of Indiana.
63. Brad Malone, W - 8th in scoring for Sioux Falls.
68. Aaron Palushaj, RW - Top scorer in Des Moines.
71. Travis Erstad, W - Currently on Lincoln's futures roster.
76. Blake Kessel, D - 2nd in points among defensemen in Waterloo.
77. Drew Leblanc, W - Futures pick of Chicago.
78. Ben Blood, D - Futures pick of Des Moines.
80. Jake Hansen, W - Futures pick of Sioux Falls.
82. Corey Tropp, F - Sioux Falls leading scorer.
90. Tristin Llewellyn, D - 3rd year vet, but still just 17.

Fourth Round

93. C.J. Severyn, LW - Futures pick of Ohio.
94. Paul Carey, C - On Indiana's futures roster.
97. Robin Bergman, C - 3rd leading scorer for Cedar Rapids.
109. Calle Ridderwall, W - Top point getter in Tri-City.
110. Andrew Glass, LW - Futures pick of Ohio.

Fifth Round

122. Jordy Christian, F - On Sioux Falls' roster.
125. Baylor Dieter, D - 4th in scoring among defensemen in Green Bay.
144. Joshua Turnbull, C - Waterloo's leading scorer.
145. Spencer Anderson, LW - Played with Chicago for part of last season.
147. Tommy Wingels, C - In top 10 scoring for Cedar Rapids.
150. Brennan Vargas, RW - Futures pick of Indiana.

Sixth Round

153. Michael Dorr, C - Scored 9 points in 12 games with Des Moines.
160. Vincent Loverde, D - 3rd in defensemen scoring for Waterloo.
165. Danny Hobbs, C - 8 points in 30 games.
170. Tyler Kieffer, D - Futures pick of Lincoln.
171. Brett Bruneteau, C - 5th leading scorer in Omaha.
177. Billy Maday, C - Waterloo's first round pick last May.

Seventh Round

184. Brandon Martell, D - Futures pick of Tri-City.
188. Travis Oleksuk, C - Sioux City's 1st round pick in the Canadian futures draft last year.
192. Matt Bartkowski, D - Lincoln's first round pick last May.
194. Carter Camper, C - Lincoln's leading scorer.
198. Daniel Lawson, D - Chicago's best player.

200. Trevor Nill, C - Futures pick of Indiana.

201. Craig Smith, C - 5th in scoring for Waterloo.
206. Joshua Levine, W - On Green Bay's futures roster.

North American Goaltenders

11. Kent Patterson - Very good goalie for Cedar Rapids.
14. Brian Hogan - Hasn't been a good year, but Hogan is still one of the best.
15. John Murray - Played with Sioux Falls for two seasons.
18. Reid Ellingson - Futures pick of Chicago.
20. John Muse - On Indiana's futures roster.

49 total, unless I missed some. Could be another quality year at the NHL entry draft for the USHL.

List courtest of TSN.

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