Monday, January 29, 2007

USHL Skills Competition

The USHL held their skills competition today, and the West won 18-7 over the East.

Results are as follows:

Puck Control
1st Place – Richard Purslow, Des Moines 2 points
2nd Place – Ben Ryan, Des Moines 1 point

Fastest Skater
1st Place – Calle Ridderwall, Tri City 2 points
2nd Place – Jacob Cepis, Cedar Rapids 1 point

Hardest Shot
1st Place – Jeff Petry, Des Moines 2 points -- 95 mph
2nd Place – Nick Petrecki, Omaha 1 point -- 92 mph

Shooting Accuracy
1st Place – Matt Read, Des Moines 2 points
2nd Place – Mike Phillippi, Indiana 1 point

West 6 -- Jeff Petry, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?
East 4 -- James Marcou, Andy Miele, Garrett Roe, ?

Goalie Competition
1st Place – Matt Dalton, Des Moines 2 points
2nd Place – Matt DiGirolamo, Waterloo 1 point

I'd like to know how hard the shots actually were. I believe Phil Axtell broke 100mph last year in Sioux City.

I can't believe Dustin Gazley didn't win or place in the fastest skater. Maybe he didn't participate, but he has got to be one of the fastest skaters in the league.

Good for DiGirolamo to make some noise in front of his home crowd.


Anonymous said...

Petry and Petrecki tied at 92 MPH in regulation, so they had 1 more playoff shot. Petrecki hit 92 again and Petry clocked in at 95 MPH.

Anonymous said...

Phil had two shots of 98mph last year, and I think his first shot was clocked at 95.

Ryan said...

I swear he broke 100, maybe it was someone else.

Anonymous said...

Ryan, I know Petry scored for the west in the shoot out if you're still trying to add to it

Anonymous said...

dustin gazley did the fastest skater and finished behind cepis by nine hundreds of a second , cepis time 14.41 gazley"s time 14.50.