Monday, December 17, 2007

Cramer Commits

Thanks to Layla for giving me a link where I could find this.

According to Pikes Peak Miners web site, current Ohio goalie Corson Cramer has committed to Michigan Tech for next fall.

Cramer, a native of Colorado Springs, spent part of last season with Texas in the NAHL before he found himself in Columbus. In Texas, he played in just 12 games, as he was mostly used as a backup. He went 5-3-0 with a shutout and 3.23 GAA in Texas.

In his time with Ohio last season, he came in and made them a team to not be overlooked from the get go. He gave them a valid option in net and the players in front of him seemed to feed off of him. He posted great numbers on a not so good Ohio team last season. He went 6-8-0 with a shutout, 2.72 GAA, and a 91.8 save percentage.

Cramer was a draft pick of Waterloo's, in which they acquired from Ohio for Kyle Follmer.


Anonymous said...





ObiusX said...

What's your deal?

Anonymous said...

he's bad!!

ObiusX said...

Way not to be a coward. Anyways, we aren't looking for a starting goaltender out of him, we already have two, we'll be moving to get some strong recruits for the following year.

Anonymous said...

What's with people who get off hating on these kids? What have you done lately, other than post snide, anonymous comments. What happened to wishing the kid good luck?


Anonymous said...

he is going as a 3rd goaltender. he is on less than a less than 25% scholarship

Anonymous said...

good then he cant kick pucks into his own net at the next level.