Thursday, March 22, 2007


Today, the USHL features Anthony Hamburg and David Shields.

Shields was very honest with his future plans when it comes to hockey. "I want to go to college, and my mother wants me to go as well. We are wondering what to do next year, and are talking about it.” When asked what his knowledge of college hockey was, he was quick to mention the recruitment rules that college coaches must follow, and also mentioned that academics are important if you want to play there.

College hockey is what Hamburg wants to do. It has been his dream and has always leaned toward the college route, even after being selected in the WHL draft. "My heart is with college hockey. You can get your education. My brother is going to be a college player. I just think the game fits with what type of player I am. It is a really fast game. It’s physical and it is just fun with the fans, the facilities and the environment.” College hockey he feels is going to be tough, but he understands what it takes to play there. "Skating is the most important thing, and it is important to play smart defensively. Those are the things that are important for me right now to prepare me for the next level.”

USHL also released tryout dates for each team. An interesting note, Tri-City has a futures camp in Las Vegas this year.

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